Writing my first non fiction work

So the twenty plus years in the food service industry has finally accumulated. When it all first started, I remember being inspired by a book written by a Chef Anthony Bourdain. A few years later, after working in a few places, I realized the entertainment and nostalgia I would get from writing a work journal.

….Annnnnnd then, another ten year go by, and I am thinking about it even more. I mean, I don’t exactly have the most exciting narrative, like Chef Bourdain. So, what would make my book different, or worth reading?

I decided that the ‘survival’ of a kitchen is universal, and that is something I could write about. Of course, my own story is a bit mundane, but I know from experience that everything I experienced so far is actually quite common in the industry. So Surviving it would be important to a lot of people, even if it is in good fun and entertainment.

The hard part though, is actually writing the damn book. They say that once you write a non fiction on a particular subject, that you become a “expert” of the subject. At first, I thought that was said simply because you put all of your knowledge down in one articulated, public work. Now I am realizing that is true because in order to actually make a substantial peice of work, you have to elaborate on every single detail, giving points to things you may never otherwise had thought needed or could have a point.

This is a bitch. Writing isn’t hard, but writing on a perticular subject over an extended period of time is a pain in my ass. And I am learning that procrastination is rampant among writers…. hence why I am here, blogging about it instead of doing it. 

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