Trading Journal Week 7

So, still a few more drops in percentage points. Feels like the grain is against the knife.

Both PBS and a new idea that was finished seems unfruitful . Questioning reality.

Sadly, when programming a single idea out and testing, it is really hard to see the rhyme and reason in the results. Obviously, a single idea needs to also be morphed based on data, and its hard to gather that data on strategy alone.

In a conversation with another trader online, he is convinced that fully automated systems do not work in the long run. I don’t think he truly understood that I was programming my own systems and not just using others, since that is so common , i feel most are commenting on others dependence onĀ others systems. Though I don’t want to seem like an ass and keep saying “i am the programmer” etc,…. his words still ring some truth to it.

So far, my work in automation has came up short when it came to scalping profits. The PBS works fine if you got a large account and allow it to mature over time – in short, its a great retirement investment system. Since I started to look for a slightly quicker scalping system, the process has been sharply difficult.

So now, it is time to get organized. I said it aloud yesterday, I need to devise a piece of code that will allow me to attache every little bit and piece of data I want to every single part of the trade ( open, middle, close ). No easy task, and something that I will find absolutely worthless until we get it done and turn our focus to a strategy.

I am convinced that a single idea must be accompanied by multiple rules of variables in order to be truly fully automated.

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