Trading Journal Week 4

It sure has been a roller coaster. So last week I thought I had realized something super awesome, when in fact, clouded by greed, I hadn’t realized the actual implications of what I had discovered.

The fact is, the spread, when really REALLY low ( like, non existent) yields amazing results on all instruments. truth be told, I was entering in theĀ points for spread when I thought I was entering the pips. HA!

So, after realizing that, I started running tests again and noticed that when checking the averages and running a higher than average spread, the strategy broke. More upsetting, it broke on all instruments other than EUR/USD . More upsetting than, i added the spread to the stops, even a little extra after the suggestion , and still no change. The damn thing would fall like a Chinese bomber committing kamikaze . I poured and poured over the instrument, trying to see why it would succeed on a low spread and not a slightly above average spread, only to finally conclude, for now, there is no other instrument for PBS except for EUR/USD

For the first time in a year, it looks like it is time to adopt a new idea. PBS is running and will always be my first, and I am sure, in due time, it will blossom and become more than it is. For now, it is a 16%/Year system, and that is fine by me.

Currently the strategy is running , and the account is some 60% negative. It will take it quite some time to recover. The odds are in my favor

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