Trading Journal 11-2-18

So even though both of the last trades would have worked out perfectly in the tune of 100+ pips, I didn’t stick with them during the first drawdown of the trade.  This is once again confirming to me that even though I have heard the phrase that swing trading is easier because your only focused on the long term and not the static, I am fairly certain my brain is wired for scalping. I like instant gratification, what can I say?

There was another trade I made during the day, which solidified this thought, and though I took them all off at nearly a two percent gain, I followed that day on another 1.99% gain as well, simply scalping on the same ideas.

I have setup a live account which I have decided I will start running in January, just to make it a even year of testing while live. If I finish this month of november positive , it will be the third month in a row, and the fifth month in a six month period, making me still overall positive. That tells me it is time.

The practice account I have been running has been on a realistic deposit of 2k, but even that isn’t realistic , so this live account will be on 100$ only, forcing the pressure on the account even higher. I have got a handle on discipline, and entry , my focus will simply be on letting winners run to where I originally think I can make them go to. I should be able to scalp on instrument while holding onto a swing in another. Sounds ambitious , but it really isn’t.

I have learned now that goals are to be rough goals, that holding yourself to any standard is the first step in losing perspective. Running this account at the lowest possible leverage has taught me to think of it strictly in terms of percent, and that, hey, ‘thats x% I didn’t have before’ . When you make a small scalp, and you are not certain if this next setup is worth the risk, it helps you keep things in perspective. Not every day the goals will be met, and not everyday will the goals be met in a multiple.

The new live account to start in January will be called 

kalí týchi

which means Good Luck in Greek.

The biggest part of this is approaching it each day without mental pressure, which I have found to be quite easy as so long as I don’t think about it to much. Being in tune with the markets is a matter of accepting everything at face value. You can’t regret, you can’t chase, you can’t force, and you can not under any circumstances become emotionally invested. It is, after all, a game of probabilities , and you can’t just beat the money out of the market.

In the Kali account, some new rules will apply.

If a loss goal is hit, I quit for the day. If it is hit two days in a row, I take five trading days off. If the weekly gains goal is met, I quit for the week.

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