Trading Journal: 10-30-18

A big part of my trading needs to be about waking up in time, and being prepared the day before. I don’t see much point in journaling unless I decide that the conditions are right to enter the trade.

GBP/JPY Hitting major resistance with rejection

This is the third time this resistance has been tested with some fair amount of rejection. the G/J has been in a range for a while, and this is near the most secondary low of the range ( you can see the lowest part to the left of this image ).

USD/CAD working in a descending range

I usually stay away from this instrument, but I have until thursday to close this trade due to NFP on friday, and who knows about oil . Anyways, its a high RtoR play, and if I lose it, no big deal.

I am removing myself from the Trading Against the Crowd ideas for now, though they seemed to work out well, it didn’t involve much technical analysis , and that is something I need to focus on for a while.

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