The art of loving a game

So the 51st Super Bowl was yesterday, and it was a great game that went into overtime ( though I kind of wonder if Brady has been deflating the balls this entire time LOL ).

What games do I love? I love a shit ton of games, specifically table top games and I do enjoy video games but rarely have the time to actually get good, so it really is just good quality time spent with the kids. As far as professional sports, I love motor sports and football. I never played football, though I tried. I played baseball, and I love to play baseball, but it is not a sport I really care to watch , unless it is the playoffs or the world series. I grew up around motor sports. My dad was a gear head and a really good one at that. He loved to drag race, and he loved his Camaro, and so did I. He still drags to this day, and it has the same color scheme with a few nice cursive decals on it. He also did dirt track which was the coolest thing since slice bread. I actually got to race it on the dirt track too, and though it was a short experience, it was the best ever and something I always hope to do again soon in my life time ….. not the jumping it over the divider part, that sucked.

Anyways, nascar has always been the household sport, and something I love more than most. I appreciate the stories, the epic wins, of chance and of glory. There is so much to it, it is hard to put it all in words.

With it, of course, I have been ridiculed by lots of people, for my love of nascar. Sometimes it is just half way joking “so you like watching cars turn left all day” and there have been some really outrageous things said: “Oh , you like nascar? you must know that guy who raped his daughter out there in the boonies” implying that nascar fans are all insestual boozers. Do I care? not really, though, it is often hard to understand why a liberal who claims to love all, seems to be the first to assume someone who is missing teeth and knows how to work on their truck is somehow a sick and twisted individual .

And no, it isn’t just turning left. It is called the National Association of Stock CAr Racing for a reason, and stock cars are not really built for racing. They do alter the cars to the absolute limits of the rules, but they are very hard to turn at 200mph, even on a incline. They are much harder to control than a open wheel race car, and they have lot of wind drag. All of these things add to the strategy, including the length of the race , the strain on the tires, and limited fuel tank. It isn’t just fast paced, it is a very long and strenuous version of chess.

When the racing season ends, football is in its 8th or 9th week. Football, like racing, is a very strenuous version of chess, and also includes a slightly higher risk of injury ( though there has only been one on field death in the nfl, I think there has been over a dozen on track deaths in nascar and in all of motor sports ). My first introduction to football was in video games, first it was Tecmo Bowl, than Troy Aikmens Football, then I think my first Madden was three for SNES as well, and then I always had a Madden with whatever system I had. I loved chess, and I always loved football.

So here we have it, the Super Bowl. When everyone watches regardless of their favorite team, and roots for one or the other, or in my case, roots for the tightest game possible. A lot of Super Bowl’s have actually been a wash, where one team completely swamps the other team. It happens, it is football. But when it is a close game, it can be very exciting, regardless of who is winning or losing.

I get on facebook and I see these hilarious antidotes, from people I am sure either play tabletop or live action or video games , bagging on every ones hype and involvement with the nfl, as if somehow there intelect escaped us. As if you should be shamed for being excited for a team that isn’t your home town, or that you have to ( or shoulden’t have to ) justify why you are buying team logos and such….what?

This is , however, only my opinion. And I am a gamer, and a game theorist . So if you disagree for whatever reason, yet still play games of any sorts, you need to reassess why you play games in the first place.

If you truly love gaming, you are obligated to respect and be inspired by those who love other games. This is the part of the missing understanding between the nerd and the jocks when we were kids. And I get it, they made fun of you for playing D&D and joining the chess club, I was made fun of to. But we have grown up now, and it is time to be a man ( or woman ) and be an adult.

If you are unable to respect someones love for a game, I am sorry, but clearly you play for all the wrong reasons.


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