The 500 Club & my Revision Practices

This is no new concept, thank gawd, I am a horrible concept creator, but the 500 club is an idea I got from a two youtubers and the creator of the snowflake outlining method , on the same freaking day. They all called it the 500 club, and I thought it was cute, but it also was a great daily goal for such a lofty goal as becoming a author and so on and so forth .

… anyways

The 500 club was simply the attack on daily writing goals, and that was to write at least 500 words a day. With one day off a week, this makes for 3k words a week, which would total to nearly 150k words a year, which is , in my opinion a fantastic personal goal. Hell, I would pat myself on the back if I beat 100k in the next twelve months.

Another thing that these three authors , as well as a few others mentioned on youtube ( including stephen king ) , was to write short stories at first. I can see multiple reasons for this, and a few were mentioned I hadn’t thought of but immediately recognized as beneficial . Firstly, you get the practice of getting through your outline, or in my case, my lack of outline. So really, you get the practice of getting your begining , middle, and end actually written in rough draft. Holy hell, I have the art of not giving a shit down, by the way. When writing a rough draft, I read on multiple occasions not to stop to correct jack shit. Yeah, I am the freaking king of just ‘moving on’ now. I have been using scrivener as my writing platform which doesn’t underline mispelled or bad sentence structure, but I am sure if this first short story of mine was in MS Word, it would red and blue all over.

Secondly, you get the feel for character development. For me, this is writing. I mean, I love the metaphores, the painting with words, yada yada, but it is best when applied to a character.

Third, you get to practice revision and finalizing. This first short needs some serious help in the dialogs, and that is mainly because I have little to no practice in that department. This is a great time to practice such revising.

Currently, I am finishing up a short story that was inspired by a twilight zone episode. What is fantastic is that since I am practicing my hand at writing into the dark, the finished story has a different middle, climax, and ending. This is due because of my pantser practice, the story litterally just wrote itself.

I decided that since I love twilight zone, and I was thinking about alfred hitchcocks as well, I would write for the next year, short stories inspired by those tv episodes.

This first one, and where the story went, actually went in a direction about personal madness. I have always been someone afraid to lose their minds, and more devestatingly, not realize I was losing my mind until it was way to late. This is that story, which is great because the episode it was inspired by, actually isn’t about that at all .

Revision Proces

  • Rest
  • Read and analyze beat and flow
  • Fix loop holes, edit other unused crud
  • look for bad showing

After my draft is complete, I think taking a rest is probably a good idea. A day or two for short stories, and maybe a few weeks for a novel – somewhere in between for everything else.

Next is to read and check beat and flow, mark where it is weak. At the same time, check for loop holes and edit other unused information. Also check for bad showing, or when I am over showing. I know I badly show a lot, so that is going to be a constant. 

After those edits, recheck the beat again and see if it fixed itself.

I think beta readers at this point would be good, and another rest for myself.

Than final edits and done.


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