2008-2013 was a hip hop mixtape site that was very similar to .

When I first came on to the project, I was asked to create a couple of features on the site, which at the time was a basic theme on drupal. The site owners were trying to piece it together without any coding knowledge. From that point on, I continued to work on the site outside of , where I created:

  • a ajax driven user interface for uploading audio files and art work for the mixtapes
  • ported the site to wordpress with an exact duplicate theme of the current desighn
  • created a membership system that allowed registration through facebook and google+
  • A flash based (now known as Adobe Animator) music player that tracked plays and other statistics for the dj
  • A pay as you go system and a membership pay system for users to hear more tracks more often, and to allow downloading of more tapes more often. Allowing DJ’s to pay for featured services and other perks.

Since the system was originally drupal and than WordPress, the site was always written in php/MySQL and leveraged a linux environment for cache to enable a quickly loading site even during peak hours which would include over one hundred page refreshes per second .

The site was hosted at a few different systems, but all included a multi array hard drive system so if one hard disk failed, there would still be backups.

At it’s peak:

The site was generating enough revenue to pay for the server bill and a couple thousand beyond that per month. The site itself was generating around 12k for myself, where as the subscription and other payments were being paid to the site owner.

The Decline:

We had ported from three different companies and at the third one, after a year of declining traffic, the final company had a catastrophic hard disk failure, three out of five of them had died. Though we were offered free replacements, we also just learned the backup service we had been paying for had never been completed. More than half of the sites media was now gone and irreplaceable unless the users ( the dj’s ) who uploaded them came back and re uploaded them.

The Lessons:

One of the biggest failures was not developing a mobile application quickly enough. We had spent so much time and energy on other features of the site and including different sites to help aid the users in productivity , we never hit the mobile scene as quickly as we should have.

The most largest issue we had was not securing the site onto a cloud, which would have helped the backing up of the site and therefore would have prevented a catastrophic loss of data.


You may contact me for the references for this work. I will gladly give you the email of the person who can verify the time and type of work performed.

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