scriptlance is aquired by

So for the past five years I have been employed by a company known as WyMedia, whom I was originally hired by from to do a couple projects. Of course, the projects went so well they kept hiring me for more work. I kept working for them, including being part owner, and running their website for the past five years.

Some major lessons were learned, and now it is time for me to come back to the market. Low and behold, I go to load and it takes me to . Crap, the site has been acquired. No big deal, I can log in using my info, it lets me know of the changes, and hey, this site looks really good. I go to check my profile, and it has all of my past work on their, things seem great, until I notice a big fat RED 0% on my completion rate? WTF???

I go to my work history and every single job I had on scriptlance is being shown as unfinished. Scriptlance didn’t have a feature that showed a freelancers completion rate, so I imagine they are showing as unfinished because of a default in the database.

I contacted them and they said the only way to fix it would be to have all 42 of the employers log on to freelancer and set the project as complete.

So hear I am, with a new profile, with no experience, trying to rack it up so I can move on with my life…… ugh!