Web Development

I posses experience in over ten years in php/MySQL , CSS, HTML, Adobe products including Photoshop and Animate ( formerly Flash ) and multiple CMS's focusing on WordPress Exclusively

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Content Creation

Being the type of person I am ( some might call a blabber mouth ) I love creating content for subjects that I am interested, as you can see by checking the sites I author

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Forex Trading

I practice discretionary and run multiple automated systems on a VPS .  I use MT4 and journal all of my actions and tests on my site.


David and the Republic

My music, though very simple and without cause, is extremely personal to me. Not to personal to not share, but it is a way for my expression to be made available to the universe when it might not otherwise made it.

Though I have never made music for anyone or anything , I have found a few ways to find time to intertwine my love for composition and creation into other projects I have been working on, including soundtracks for games and animations.

You can check out my music on SoundCloud.com