David Kilmer Rants and Raves Hello World, a bit about myself…..

Hello World, a bit about myself…..

Well, bejesus , I have done this about a million times now, but here I go again. “Hello World!” , my name is David Kilmer . I am in my mid life, I have older kids , younger kids, a smoking hot wife, and a story to tell. Well, the narrative is quite simplistic , but I do believe this is the beginning point of the rest of the best chapter in my life.

What have I been doing? Well, starting a blog, starting this, starting that, never really finishing much. The things I do finish, I rarely follow up with a more well put together idea, and never have I ever polished anything. I started my creative life doing music. What I might say maybe controversial, but I feel that music is the easiest form of art. It has the most structure, which makes learning by experimentation possible, where as visual art is a bit of a ‘third-eye’ act. This is my opinion, of course, and it is formed from my point of view. I imagine some really good visual artist feel the same about music.

Music has gone very far for me, in fact, I feel like with just a bit more effort, I could make something really awesome. Not to downplay what I have done, but I always feel like my music is a bit on the rough side, and part of that is finding an environment of creative flow that allows for the most possible creativity . Also, I have always wanted to do scores versus writing songs. Writing songs is a very hard thing to do, and scores are part of a collective effort, making them a bit ( not much ) less daunting.

I also have a love of code and programming , which all started with the desire to make a video game in 1998. Since game engines were kind of expensive at the time, I ended up doing web development for nearly fifteen years before finally giving up. That whole thing may sound a bit sad, but truly , it was the best thing I ever did. After years of doing freelance work in an extremely high buyer market, I realized that I had spent a lot of time working for others and their assets, and on top of that, working on projects that gave me absolutely no joy. You would think the end goal here is to end up working for a triple ‘A’ game company, it isn’t . Not even freelancing. I would prefer to keep it like I keep my music, for the joy of doing.

Since I have a deep desire for game development, you can bet your bippy I have a deep love for gaming. D&D and Magic the gathering is what started it all, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64 were also extremely powerful influences as well. Currently, I play iRacing ( not really at the moment as I don’t have the space to set up a rig ) and Dead By Daylight.

I spent my entire working life up until recently working in kitchens, eventually getting up to head chef position, only to realize that it was keeping me from doing anything else in my life, much less being a dad. It had to go, and after the whole covid shut down bullshit, I left the industry for good. I now work at really great warehouse food store that has amazing benefits and a reason to just come to work and go home – nothing more. I have been wanting to write a book on my experience in the kitchen and why I left, and though I at some point did write a 70k word rough draft, it really just read like a bad trip and I spent the entire time bitching about everyone who wronged me. Though there were some really rough times in the kitchen, there was also some really great times, and much more than there were bad, so it was unfair of me to want to publish something so negative and pessimistic. I might revisit that again, but honestly, it is the last thing on my bucket list.

Right now, I want to start making playable games, find something I can move forward with, polish it and make a soundtrack to, and rinse and repeat. I also want to get back in the swing of writing songs again.

Here we go!

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