Discretionary Practice

So in the midst of all of this day job work, I have been checking the charts less and doing less code,… well, no code to be more precise.

When I first started this day job earlier this year, I simply just put all of my study on the back burner for the time being. This was actually the first time in the three years of study I had taken a break, and in hindsight , was long over due. Slowly I found myself listening to audio books and pod casts again, here and there, and quickly I started checking the daily charts in the morning. after no trading for a few months, I started a demo account on the phone ( not in my own account, which was stupid because I have no way of analysis of the trades ). I would check in the mornings and if some simple support and resistance line was being met/challenged with the right price action ( rejection/penetration) I would take a trade.

The shocking part of this was 1) I only had one losing trade out of seventeen, and 2) I did almost 50% in a months time risking around 5% each trade.

You can see in the image, the initial deposit was 3000 , and the first couple of trades I left at a single lot. I then dialed it back to half a lot on strong indications, and a quarter lot on cautious entries . The total increase was near 88%, but the first few trades were to large to be good practice.

I have started a new demo account with a $300 initial deposit . I am going to trade the same setups as before and see if I can’t better document and recreate this last month.

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