Daily Open Hedging Strategy Idea


The Idea: two orders are made on two different systems, one long, and one short. One will win, while the other loses, and we risk losing both orders. if using a 3:1 RvR, one account will win 10 pips, while the other will lose 3.5 , with 7.5 pips profit. If we lose both about half of the time, that would take our 7.5 and reduce it by half, on average ( high gain, almost as high drawdown ).

We can wiggle with our entries and exits, but no more than 20 hours spent on this idea.

Version A:

Open both orders at daily open, long and short, 3 pips stop loss, 10 pips take profit.


Version B:

Open both stop orders, at specific ratio beyond the open, same sl/tp


Version C:

Open both stop orders at the high and low of the previous day ( not my favorite idea )




well,… another one for the scrap pile

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