About Me

I love code, which originally started out as a desire to develop pc games, quickly turned into a desire to make money via web development. I co-owned a couple of profitable sites, and eventually found myself wanting more time to spend with my family and a desire for even more wealth.

In my life, I have studied American history as to understand why we are where we are today. In that study, I found myself studying economics to understand why the argument against the progressive movement in this country made more sense. In THAT study, I found myself looking at markets, and quickly found a deep passion for  studying technical analysis .

I find that my love for Game Theory and the Markets relate in a lot of ways, not that the markets are a "GAME" per-se , but more so the ability of individuals and banks (whom are groups of individuals) to look forward and reason backward. Any Market can only have two sides, a winner and a loser, what is called a zero-sum game. THIS very idea makes me want to rise to the challenge and find the equilibrium.

In that study of currency trading, I have found many other things about myself that I had no idea existed. To me, personal growth is one of my greatest accomplishments, even with set backs and slippage . The psychology of life, the positive momentum, and the ability to manifest a desired reality, are all things that relate to trading ( or any business ) and is something I have started studying BECAUSE of my discovery of passion for trading and the markets.

I have been a musician all of my life, and that is what I truly love to do. If I had all the time in the world, I would spend all of my days with my family, children, and music. And soon, I will 🙂