A new year in trading

I started paper trading in February of 2015, at the time, I knew nothing, but did believe I was going to be rich! If I could set up all those accounts I blew up, it would like a air raid in Iraq circa 2002 ….. to soon? Anyways, I sucked, and I am still struggling . Around this last summer, I started finding my way around a strategy I found in janurary earlier the┬ásame year. They called it ( they is a merchant whom I bought to get the “training”) the earth sky method, but I found it to be a simple trend following strategy that was based on a pull back.

At the same time, I was reading Trend Following by Covel, I found this strategy , and up to that point hadn’t actually focused on a strategy. So this was it, I canceled my “training” and started working on what I called the Pull-Back-Strategy, which later was nicknamed the Peanut Butter Strategy .

This year, being the third year I have been trading paper, I decided to put 100$ in a real account and put the system on that account. The code has broke and I am currently working on it. Got the month off from my day job, so hopefully this will be an educational adventure, regardless of a blow up or not.

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