A million ways and a thousand trys

It is odd how I have redesigned and reinvented this blog a million times. I guess it is just an after thought, but really I know it is a lack of identity and a uncertainty of what I want to do and how I want to go about making that impression on the internet.

The numbers of times I change my direction, just only to realize that it is the same direction with in the same subject. I am still a musician even though it has been some years since I have written anything new, I am still a programmer, even though I have nothing to show for it, and I am still a market trader, even though I don’t actively trade in a real account.

Apparently I love to write , even if it isn’t going to make a difference, which is great for a guy trying to make a difference ( yes, sarcasm injected here ). I think a lot of “trying to hit the hnail on the head” comes from days and years of trying to hit the target. Not everyone, but most.

The notion that failure is as important as success, is the notion that carries you through a moment of wanting to give up. Failure will always create doubt which will create a rift between motivation and momentum . It is common to fall down, and to want to stay down, but it is human nature to get back up again.

This is the part of getting back up again after multiple attempts. That is what causes us who have failed to doubt our own integrity , because anyone who has been successful isn’t showing their failures first, you only see what is working well. Truth be told, no one made it to where they are without some massive hiccups and failures along the way. 

I always wish I kept a photobook of all of the things I have started, in at least I would have how many times I have rebranded myself. I have always been afraid off focusing on one thing, and then regret not focusing on another. I should just be focusing on something to the end, regardless of the genre.

A few times in my life, I have focused on something other than music, and then later regretted that wasn’t my main focus. Only to now grow older and realize that it isn’t how many things you may focus on in your life, it is how well you can focus on something to the end

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