Creative Engineer

Understanding ones self is the heart of being able to engineer the best creativity from the mind. Harnessing the understanding of human intellect and emotion to weave a most entertaining story


Editor Extraordinaire

I am not always available, but with proper planing I will beta read manuscripts, give feedback on revisions and can even be hired for editing if needed. Primarily in fiction only, only some genres excluded


Fundamental Spiritualist

Meditation is key to both business and life. To access the infinite creative mind, to harness absolute focus, and to obtain keen foresight and divine knowledge, one must first master meditation


David and the Republic

My music, though very simple and without cause, is extremely personal to me. Not to personal to not share, but it is a way for my expression to be made available to the universe when it might not otherwise made it.

Though I have never made music for anyone or anything , I have found a few ways to find time to intertwine my love for composition and creation into other projects I have been working on, including soundtracks for games and animations.

You can check out my music on