Hello, and Welcome to my site. If you are wondering, I am a web developer by trade, and at night I try to take over the world. Okay, the last part isn’t true ( or possible ), but I am in fact a coding zen master.

Chances are , you have happened on this site because you are looking at hiring me from upwork, or I have recently made you acquaintance and/or gave you my card which has this site address on it. That is great, and I am happy that you have given consideration to hiring me for your job.

Above is a link to my portfolio, and a contact link as well. The blog and the about me page is really just some added fluff if by chance you enjoy my rants and raves and maybe are interested in me as a person. It is okay if this visit is just business, I understand .

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you have a great and look forward to working with you,

–David Kilmer